A brain scan uncovers the real cause of hearing loss and tinnitus. Sonavel Reviews, HealthSuppHub

This changes everything we know about hearing loss and tinnitus

Scientists at Chicago School of Medicine have uncovered what exactly triggers these hearing problems through this brain scan.

And no, it’s not loud noises or old age…

Hearing loss and tinnitus are triggered by this deeply disturbing thing that’s going on inside your brain at this very moment.

A brain scan uncovers the real cause of hearing loss and tinnitus. Sonavel Reviews, HealthSuppHub
What Tinnitus Does To You Brain

And now that we know this, we can protect ourselves without risky medication

Just eat this for breakfast to regain your hearing in the evening.

Sonavel Review: Does It Really Work? Critical Report Exposes All

Despite being a common issue, one aspect of our health that is often overlooked is our ear health. It’s estimated that over 400 million adults worldwide have some form of hearing impairment because of damage from continued exposure to loud noises.

Up until now, the only real solution for hearing impairment was to opt for hearing aids. However, hearing aids are often uncomfortable, intrusive, and incredibly expensive. According to the International Journal of Audiology, “Age-related hearing loss is an increasingly important public health problem affecting approximately 40% of 55–74-year-olds. The primary clinical management intervention for people with hearing loss is hearing aids. However, the majority (80%) of adults aged 55–74 years who would benefit from a hearing aid do not use them.” This has led researchers to explore natural solutions to restore the brain and ears’ damage instead of just treating the symptoms.

This led to the development of a natural supplement called Sonavel. Sonavel is an all-natural hearing support supplement designed to improve your hearing and reduce the effects of tinnitus. If you’re someone who’s been struggling with your hearing, then Sonavel could be the answer to all your problems.

What is Sonavel & How Does it Work?

Sonavel is a hearing support supplement designed to reduce brain and ear inflammation to repair damaged tissues that cause poor hearing. According to the manufacturer, Sonavel contains eight natural ingredients that work together to fight vertigo, clean the ears, and stop and reduce hearing loss. Best of all, Sonavel claims to be backed by real clinical research.

In addition to improving hearing and brain health, Sonavel claims to support overall health and wellness. Its’ ingredients can help support your immunity, cardiovascular health, digestion, and many other areas of your health that are often affected by age and exposure to the elements.

According to the manufacturer, Sonavel works in a few different ways to help support hearing:

Sonavel reduces inflammation in the brain and ears:

Inflammation in the brain and ears can cause tinnitus to develop, which is the constant feeling of “ringing” in the ears. This is a clear sign of damaged ears and impacts your day to day to life. Sonavel helps to eliminate the inflammation that causes tinnitus so you can get rid of the ringing and hear better.

Sonavel helps repair damaged tissues:

Earphones can be damaged by headphones, improperly cleaning the ears or exposure to sudden loud noises. This damage, when unchecked, can continually get worse over time. Sonavel contains several healing herbal extracts that help improve your body’s ability to regenerate healthy tissue and repair the damaged ear tissue. This can improve hearing over time.

Improves blood flow to the brain and ears:

For Sonavel to repair damaged ear tissue, there needs to be adequate blood flow throughout your body. Thankfully, Sonavel contains several different vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts known to support healthy circulation so that nutrients can reach your ears and repair the damaged tissue.

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